Linux is our main OS. Every developer's workstation is setup on Linux. We develop on Python, Golang and Node.js with Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL & Elastic Search databases.

Why we love Linux

  1. FREE FREE FREE: Yeah Linux is free of cost. No matter how many computers you install it on, the cost of Linux remains zero.
  2. Platform Independent: Linux runs on just about any hardware you can name, from mobile phones to supercomputers. The open source nature of the kernel and software means it can be ported to another architecture by a third party if the existing developers see no need. The end user doesn't need to care about the underlying hardware.
  3. Interoperability: Linux plays well with other systems. It recognises that there's a place for Windows and Mac OS X and will install alongside them, share files with them, and generally be nice to them.
  4. Support: Threat detection and solution is very fast, as Linux is mainly community driven and whenever any Linux user posts any kind of threat, several developers start working on it from different parts of the world.
  5. Multi-user: Yes I know you can have multiple accounts on a Windows 7 machine, but that doesn’t make it truly multi-user. Can you log on more than one user at a time in Windows 7? Not by default. To have concurrent user sessions for Windows 7, you have to download a third-party tool. In Linux, you can do this by default.
  6. Transparency: Any user can know exactly when a feature-freeze happens for a release of any distribution. And all Linux distributions work under the full-disclosure model. Because of this fact, there is little false advertising going on with Linux. And you will never hear of a distribution claiming that its next release will revolutionise computing.
  7. Hardware: If you look at the system requirements for Windows, you’ll find that it requires plenty of storage space and a decent amount of RAM to exist happily. With Linux, you can just run your application (during development) on vps for less than 10 US$ per month.


We develop native mobile applications on Android & iOS with Flutter.

flutter Flutter is a state of the art framework allowing to develop mobile applications and PWA.

Since 2020, we successfully delivered several PWA applications to our customers. We believe PWA to be good solution with tight budget for development. It certainly will be widely adopted by a lot of developers in a near future.

With flutterflutter, we create a unique application we can deliver as native iOS, Android, and PWA. Our customers save a lot of time and money, our developers focus on one framework only.