Odoo Integration

The objective of Odoo integration is to help you to automate your activities in order to facilitate your intern communication and to be more efficient.

Why do you have to interest in implementing Odoo ?

The advantage links to this integration are multiples: Optimization of your management process, standardization and centralization of the information, improvement of the organization, good management of the cost…Moreover, you take advantage from Open software that means you don’t meet the license cost.

Then, the Odoo development is based on a modular system composed by more than 1,000 modules at your service. Consequently, in this perspective you are not obliged to make a full integration but you are able to integrate Odoo step by step.

Frontware advises you to install firstly the minimum that you need, as a general rule, only the accounting and the sale management or CRM, and then to install the next functionalities.

At Frontware, we take time to define the best integration for each company. Our priority is to support you from the beginning to the end by evaluating your needs and customizing your Odoo application.

You will find more information about Odoo on Odoo Thailand website


WELADEE is a Time Attendance System, gathers information of working presence of employees. Employees can record time attendance from mobile phone (Android and iPhone) or using key tag at the gate station.

Director, managers and HR staffs get a clear overview of real time attendance from online dashboard. WELADEE makes it easy to manage time management in your organization and employees can also check their work hours via their mobile phone as well.


  • Easy to install and it can be used immediately.
  • Convenient time recording. Employees can record time attendance from mobile phone or using RFID key tag.
  • Real time information
  • See overview of time attendance from dashboard and manage WELADEE data.
  • Directors will be notified immediately on mobile phone when the employees check in/out.
  • Employees can check their worked hours from their mobile phones.
  • Makes it easy to manage time management in your organization.
  • Inexpensive!!

You will find more information on WELADEE website


Nearby offers a robust Bluetooth proximity service which spreads information to closest mobile phones through beacons technology.

Nearby can help your business unlock new revenue steam and customers acquisition in the most creative way.

What may you use it for?


Help your customer find the product that best matches their needs by notifying customer's phone at the moment they pass it.
Reorganize your slae area, our tracking service provides you the exact itinerary of each shopper and quantify the attendance level very easily.


Benefit from receiving invitations, special promotions and information from restaurants when passing by, as well as browsing digital menu with prices and photos near or inside restaurant.


If you run the hotel, your guests can receive informatin about your hotel, get a map and find the location of the facilities you offer when they arrived.
With our services your guests will no longer have to guess where they are in the hotel.


Abandon audio guide devices and opt for an all-inclusive application that can display informative presentations with text, audio, and video.
With the wireless technology we provide with this service, your visitors will be able to move over your place without doing any action on theis phone.

You will find more information on NEARBY website