Our Expertise

Programming languages

Frontware has significant experience in outsourcing software developing services, from the prototype development and project life cycle planning to creative and e-business solution, Frontware offers comprehensive, innovative services that create real value for our clientele. Our outsourcing software development service covers standalone and web application development and testing, as well as legacy application transformation. Frontware has extensive experience in outsourcing software development of custom solutions, such as telecommunication and networks, insurance management system, service center management, travelling plan system, content management systems (CMS), corporate web sites, ...etc

We applied our broad experience, technical knowledge, and business expertise to develop a group of services that meet our clients’ business objectives and let them focus on their major target, while having us provide solutions in areas where we are expert. As a result, our clients have cost-saving solutions and an offer of scalable and highly professional resources software outsourcing saves our customer time and money letting them focus on their business.

Our expertise involves in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Python, golang, nodejs, java for Android and Swift for iOS, all .NET Environments : C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET,...etc


Our latest projects are using Redis, PostgreSQL, mongodb, Elastic Search and MS SQL Database.

SQL Databases

We started in 1998 with Microsoft SQL Server and are still using it daily for some customers.
Few years also we started using PostgreSQL, this a very powerful SQL server, it never failed us.
For embedded (on raspberry pi) or mobile application we use SQL Lite.


In the nosql categories we have experience with mongodb, elastic search and Redis.

We mainly use Redis for cache purpose.

We have used mongodb in several projects since 2012. Mongodb offers us great performance and perfect match to Web application business.
For Elastic Search we use it to handle our applications logs (with kibana). So our developers get a centralized log database they can query from a single place.
We also use Elastic Search for multi lingual text search, it's very powerful.


Progressive Web Application

The convergence of web application and mobile application. At Frontware we believe PWA technology is a great solution for mobile application. Using it with gRPC, Angular, typescript, it provides powerful mobile applications for iOS & Android, developed with latest web technology without the hassle of Apple store. It's much cheaper than native applications because it's developed once only. It can even run on desktop Windows, Linux & Mac. Users will always run the latest version, no need for manual update, it can run offline when internet connection is not available.

You want to know more about PWA?

Frontware developed to help small market shops and SME merchants to generate a Promptpay QRCode instantly and share it on mobile phone. See a sample


Most enterprises tend to market their businesses through a website and the Web Application has become powerful tools to a successful business. To fulfill such need, we use the following technologies: Java Script, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap,

Website Development Services and the website design we serve, it will develop a website for your organization with standard and performance to reach your target audience, promote organization image including credibility to customers, fast processing and data access, simple and easy to use.

The style of website design that we provide.

Cooperate Website for business SME

It is a website that offers corporate information products and services, history, and channels to contact. The design emphasizes the good image and the identity of each type of business, processing speed and most important, the ease of use offered by the aforementioned menus is subject to customer satisfaction.

Web Application and Large Website

It is a application developed in association with a website. This type of website will include web design and database related tasks. The development process is as following:

  • System survey & analysis
  • Proper technology selection
  • User interface
  • Database design
  • Application development
  • Implement and training

We specialized ourself in Web Service & micro service.
Read here to know more about it...

Made with Love

For 20 years that we has been committed to the international standard of software development with our dedicated teams and experienced software specialists, we have confidence to provide the quality services and products which will enhance the effectiveness of your business operations. Our project executions are based on a complete and structured technical analysis done and approved by the customer and we have the ability to respond quickly to customer’s requirements and deliver quality products at highly competitive prices. As a result, we have been growing rapidly with the confidence to provide the quality services and products which will enhance the effectiveness of your business operations.