This FAQ page is designed to respond to your questions.

Q: What is FAQ?

A: FAQ is an acronym for "Frequently Asked Questions"


Q: Why include a FAQ page on the site of Frontware?

A: A FAQ page allows Frontware to answer the most common asked questions by customers or visitors. If you don’t find the answer to your question, you can directly ask the question go to Contact us page


Q: How to get in touch with Frontware?

A: You can visit the Contact Us page, send us an email or call us by phone.


Q: We are a big company and want to delegate part of the software development to a trusted company. Is Frontware the one?

A: You are dropped on the right place. We have been working for big companies for years, we've created a relationship of trust with our clients entrust us work very regularly. Please contact us to make your own opinion.


Q: Our company is very small and can not afford to hire a full-time developer. Do you have a solution for us?

A: Of course, we offer a service adapted to the needs of each clients.


Q: I see no indication of your rates. What are they? Are you cheaper than the competition?

A: As a service company, it is very difficult to publish a price on the web. We have different pricing policies depending on the type of development and size of the project.

- We can work on the basis of a fixed price for a project. The price will be awarded after studying the specifications.

- Average daily per developer. In general this rate is used for maintenance or for clients wishing to ensure a minimum resource for a specific period.

- Fixed price website is based on the number of page. These are simple websites that do not require the intervention of developers. For example, a presentation website of service, products, or a company in HTML, Silverlight 3.0.

We are certainly much cheaper than any companies in Europe, we cannot guarantee, however, be the cheapest in the market, we give great importance to service quality, and our quality will always be no more expensive than a competitor to only a low price.


Q: I intend to visit Bangkok a few or weeks. Can I come and see your office?

A: It will be a pleasure to meet you, to present the company and see if opportunities are possible. Please contact us, we will set an appointment.


Q: We are interested in outsourcing but we like to have someone on site to follow-up the project. How to conciliate these 2 requests?

A: We fully understand this problem and we propose 2 solutions;

- Frontware welcomes the project manager to follow up the project in Bangkok. The infrastructure will be provide for him to work under the best conditions.

- Frontware headlines at home developer to finalize the project. This solution is often used in finalizing requiring very specific integration with the customer. 95% of the project is developed at Frontware only and finalized with the customer.